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Enterprise DNS solutions

A secure domain provider, trustworthy DNS hosting, and excellent domain management for your enterprise.

Reliable DNS architecture is critical to your enterprise. You can't afford to waste time on the default DNS service from your domain registar.

Enterprise-level DNS management service with DNSimple provides solutions not offered by most domain registrars.

Enterprise-grade security

When it comes to domain management, security is a top priority. We help you take every precaution to safeguard your domains.

Priority support

Expert-level help with DNS hosting and domain management when you need it.

Having good support documentation is great. Connecting with a real person is even better. With priority support, we drop everything to help you.

A computer room circa 1970s showing computer tapes to illustrate DNSimple's Enterprise modern features

This is so user-friendly that our non-technical colleagues can find their way and manage to correctly configure the DNS records for a domain. The availability of templates for many SaaS makes this even easier.

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Guaranteed uptime

With multiple points of presence around the world, DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) defense, and Secondary DNS, you can rely on us to keep your domains up and running.

Protect yourself in the event of an extended outage. Our Service Level Agreement guarantees quality, availability, and responsibility from our service.

Innovative DNS for enterprises

Our cutting-edge technology makes DNSimple the best DNS provider for enterprises. We focus on DNS management and offer a lot of tools most registrars don't have.

ALIAS record

ALIAS records so your root domain works with cloud services.

Secondary DNS

Sync your zone records to or from DNSimple with Secondary DNS.

Let's Encrypt SSL certificates

Secure your domains with Let's Encrypt or Sectigo SSL certificates.

HTTPS redirector

HTTPS redirector to redirect both with and without HTTPS.

One-click services

One-click services to quickly set up DNS for a wide variety of companies.

Regional records

Regional records to respond with different answers depending on where the request arrives.

DNSSEC support

DNSSEC protects from DNS spoofing and ensures the integrity of your DNS records.

DDoS defense

DDoS Defense automatically shields your domains from DDoS Attacks.

Transfer locks

Prevent unexpected domain transfers with automated domain transfer locks.

Domain access control

Domain Access Control lets you specify different roles for your team members on a per-domain basis.

Single Sign-on

Single Sign-on lets you use Okta or Google as your Identity Provider to provision account access for all your team members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is DNS critical for any enterprise?

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the backbone of the infrastructure of the Internet. Without it, we would struggle to find resources on the Internet. And no one would be able to find your business.

Your business can't have an online presence without DNS. Having control over the configuration of your DNS helps you connect to other services like email and webhosting.

By using a managed DNS service like DNSimple, you don't have to worry about stability and reliability of your DNS. This improves website performance and your visitors' experience.

What is DNS used for?

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a naming system for computers, services, and any resource on the Internet.

A good analogy is that it's used as the "phone book" for the Internet. It translates human-friendly names into IP addresses that identify computers or services. For example, www.dnsimple.com translates to

When your browser requests a website like dnsimple.com, the DNS provider for dnsimple.com responds with the corresponding IP address to the browser. Then your browser downloads the content for the corresponding webpage on dnsimple.com and displays it.

How much does a DNS server cost?

There are many considerations in the cost of a DNS server, including maintenance and software upgrades that must be done to avoid issues like exploits and downtime.

You'll need to have backups in the event of outages, and you might need to refresh the hardware periodically to provide better responses to your visitors.

All of this effort, time, and money is not core to your business. With the DNSimple Enterprise plan, we take care of all the maintenance, upgrades, backups, and any attacks that might happen.

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