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DNSimple Domain Control Plane

A single pane of glass for domain registration, DNS hosting, and more.

Manage domains and DNS across registrars and providers.

With Domain Control Plane, developers and system admins gain unprecedented visibility and control into even the most complex domain portfolios - including resources hosted outside DNSimple's infrastructure.

See it all.

Get all the answers you need via a single, simple, user-friendly dashboard:

  • Keep track of registrars for every domain you manage.
  • Know every domain's registration and ownership status.
  • Learn their operational status.
  • See where your DNS zones and certificates are deployed.

Manage it all.

And we mean two-way management — not just read-only.

  • Add, edit, or remove DNS records.
  • Register, transfer, or renew domain names.
  • Find which people and systems have access.
  • Request and deploy SSL certificates.

Anywhere it lives.

Thanks to secure connections among all your systems.

  • DNSimple infrastructure
  • On-premise CoreDNS
  • Amazon, GoDaddy, and other third-party services

A single pane of glass for your domains, DNS, and certificates.

How it works.

The Domain Control Plane connects with on-premise systems and third-party services via secure APIs to collect information about your domains, DNS, and SSL certificates. Once this info is imported, you can manage it all directly from DNSimple.

  • Add, edit, or remove DNS records
  • Register, transfer, or renew domain names
  • Request and deploy SSL certificates

Your domains, DNS, and certificates will remain with their respective provider. Manage them inside DNSimple with the option to disconnect from DNSimple at any time.