.INSURANCE managed DNS service

Host your .INSURANCE domain with confidence.

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Our managed DNS service is fully compliant with all .INSURANCE security requirements.


Our service makes it easier to set up and manage .INSURANCE domains.


Fast anycast global network with five points of presence around the world and real-time DDoS protection.


DNSSEC, 2-factor authentication, SSL certificates and domain managed API to automate record provisioning.

.INSURANCE security requirements checklist

fTLD requires compliance with specific security requirements. Our managed DNS hosting solution provides all the required features, including:

  • Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC): Each account has DNSSEC access. We handle key rotation automatically every 90 days to guarantee the highest level of security. ?
  • Multi-Factor Authentication: We support one-time passwords, hardware security keys, and platform authentication such as Windows Hello, and Apple Touch ID, Face ID and PassKeys. Each user has their own separate authentication settings and credentials. You can easily grant and remove user access to an account. ?
  • Strong Encryption: All DNSimple properties are HTTPS-only. All internet communications are always fully encrypted with a TLS connection. We are also an SSL certificate provider. ?
  • Domain Names must be hosted on .INSURANCE Name Servers: Our vanity name server feature allows you to configure your own .INSURANCE name servers with a few clicks, to ensure compliance with all technical security requirements. ?

You'll also have secondary DNS service, direct priority support from our engineering team, and 100% SLA.

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From DNS and SSL certificates to full API access, DNSimple provides a straightforward interface for effortless domain management.

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