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Secure & simple DNS hosting

Streamlined DNS management from trusted experts.

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Primary DNS

Manage your domains with DNSimple’s flexible plans and all the features listed here — including a robust API, strong security, and no lock-in.

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Secondary DNS

Secure your online presence with DNSimple as secondary. Add zone redundancy and reduce your DNS downtime.

Innovative DNS hosting

Innovative technology for fast, easy domain name system management. We focus on DNS management and offer tools most registrars don’t have.

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ALIAS Ensure your root domain works with cloud services.

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HTTPS redirects Redirect with or without HTTPS.

Integrations Quickly set up DNS for a wide variety of companies.

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Regional records Respond with different answers depending on where the request arrives.

Reverse DNS Set up reverse DNS entries to respond to reverse DNS queries. DNSimple supports PTR records.

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Domain Control Plane

A single pane of glass for all your domains, wherever they live.

  • Add, edit, or remove DNS records.
  • Register, transfer, or renew domain names.
  • Request and deploy SSL certificates.

Your domains, DNS, and certificates will remain with their respective provider. Manage them inside DNSimple with the option to disconnect from DNSimple at any time.

Secure DNS management from trusted experts

Prioritize security for your domain management. We’ll help you safeguard your domains.

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Team accounts with individual logins

Allow multiple users to access the same account with their own credentials. Don’t lose control of your domains if someone leaves the team.

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DNSSEC (Domain Name Systems Security Extensions)

Prevent attackers from spoofing your IP address and redirecting users to malicious sites. Available free on all plans.

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DDoS defense

Automatically shields your domains from Distributed Denial of Service Attacks with our layered, multi-provider DDoS defense system. Available free on all plans.

Domain Access Control

Specify different roles for your team members on a per-domain basis.

Integrate in minutes with our API

Quickly set up your DNS hosting and domains.

99.9% uptime

Dependable DNS services.

Keep your domains up and running with multiple points of presence around the world and DDoS defense.

Maximize your DNS uptime with DNSimple’s vendor-neutral Secondary DNS configurations.

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No lock-in

Our DNS hosting service plans scale to fit your needs.

  • Deactivate unused domains. Pay for DNS only on the zones you use.
  • Choose a plan with or without a contract.
  • Switch to any standard plan, any time.
  • Multi-cloud DNS and no vendor lock-in mean our plans adapt fully to your needs.
  • Split your personal and business domains between different accounts and plans.
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Expert-level support

Get experienced help with DNS hosting and domain management.

We respond to support requests within 24 hours, and offer even faster priority support on Teams and higher plans.

Our extensive support documentation provides answers and information about all things DNS.

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