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Powerful automations and enterprise DNS for Terraform and Consul.

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DNSimple is a verified HashiCorp partner.

Extend the power of the HashiCorp tools you love with DNSimple’s native Terraform and Consul integrations.

With DNSimple, you save time and reduce errors with automated DNS configuration in Terraform and add the scalability and redundancy of enterprise-grade DNS to your Consul environment.

No matter the complexity of your domain portfolio, DNSimple delivers simple, secure domain management.

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Simple Domains

Register, transfer, and renew your domains via our Terraform plugin.

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Simple DNS

Enterprise-grade DNS service that seamlessly integrates with infrastructure-as-code.

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Simple SSL

Request and download single, multiple, and wildcard certificates via our Terraform plugin.

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Domain Control Plane

Take control of domain and DNS assets spread across DNSimple, on-premise systems, and third-party clouds.

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Automate manual tasks across your domain and DNS infrastructure.

Manual DNS configuration is time-consuming, error-prone, and overly-reliant on institutional knowledge and dusty internal documentation. DNSimple’s Terraform plugin saves you time and reduces errors by automating DNS provisioning and management.

Scripted Configuration.

Manage and configure your DNS and domains alongside your other infrastructure.

Declarative DNS and Domains.

Skip step-by-step manual management with Terraform’s declarative language.

Encourage Best Practices.

Save time with predefined DNS and domain modules provided by DNSimple’s plugin.

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Collaborate in Version Control.

Place DNS and domain configurations in version control with Terraform’s configuration files.

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Using Terraform with DNSimple in under 5 minutes.

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Add enterprise-grade DNS to your Consul environment.

Designed primarily for service discovery, Consul lacks the Anycast network, redundancy, and scalability of a robust enterprise-grade DNS service.

DNSimple’s Consul integration enables you to set up third-party DNS within Consul! By automating deployment of Consul DNS records to public DNS providers, you continue to enjoy Consul’s many benefits while adding scalability and redundancy to your DNS infrastructure.

Save Time with Automation.

Automate public service naming and simplify public service discovery.

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Scale with Anycast.

Scale Consul’s DNS offering on DNSimple’s Anycast DNS network.

Mitigate Outages.

Add DNS redundancy with DNSimple’s worldwide name services.

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Using Consul with DNSimple in under 7 minutes.

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