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Feature Description Personal Professional Business
ALIAS record Virtual record that provides CNAME-like behavior on apex domains.
Anycast DNS Faster sites. Reduces the latency by advertising the same IP from different locations.
Full API access Well documented and battle tested libraries for you to work with.
Multi-layered DDoS defense Reduce the risk of your application being down due to DDoS attacks.
Secondary DNS Add redundancy to your zones by having them replicate to other DNS servers.
Unlimited queries No monthly query limits on your DNS records.
Unlimited records per zone No limit as to how many records you can have on your zones.
POOL records Distribute your traffic. POOL records provide a way to randomly select from multiple hosts when resolving a CNAME record.
Regional records Select geographical regions where records appear.
Teams Organize your team and give them access. Add team members to your account.
Concierge Hands-on help setting up your domains from experts.
Priority support Get a faster answer by our developers by jumping ahead in the support queue.
Vanity nameservers Brand our nameservers to appear like yours.
SLA Protect yourself in the event of an extended outage. Read more 99% 100%

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