Domain Access Control is here!

We're excited to announce you can now control who has access to each of your domains.
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Use our API to manage your domains

Get your DNS hosting and domains set up and running quickly with our API.









Tools for Successful DNS Automation

Our API can save you hours each month.

Update DNS records, request SSL certificates, and transfer or register new domains from your custom scripts.

Manage DNS records

Create and update any record type on any zone.

Update domain delegation

Switch your name servers from your code.

Check domain availability

Automatically register a domain if it's up for grabs.

Register, transfer, and renew domains

Add domains to your account automatically.

Administrate SSL Certificates

Request, issue, and install your Let's Encryptâ„¢ certificates.

Apply services

Get Cloudflare, Google Suite, or Shopify up and running on your domain in no time.

We migrated to DNSimple within a week

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Open-source API libraries

Browse the source code for our current API clients.

Cheatsheets & examples

Get ahead of the curve with these handy cheatsheets and examples.

Use our Sandbox for free

Build with confidence. Verify and test your code before you ship it.

Open a free account in our sandbox environment. Write, test, and verify your code before you move to production.

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Transparent Pricing

If you manage 100+ domains, get in touch.
We offer flexible plans with adjusted rates and discounts for Enterprise and Resellers.


$ 6 /month

$0.50 per additional domain after 5 domains.

Save $12 when billed yearly.

Unlimited DNS records

Unlimited DNS queries

Anycast DNS

Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates

1 user


$ 30 /month

$2.00 per additional domain after 5 domains.

Save $60 when billed yearly.

Everything on Personal

Unlimited Users

Let's Encrypt SSL Wildcard certificates

Specify different roles for your team members on a per-domain basis.

HTTPS Redirects

99% SLA


$ 300 /month

$5.00 per additional domain after 5 domains.

Save $600 when billed yearly.

Everything on Professional

Priority support: Get a response within minutes

Concierge: We transfer your domains for you

Vanity Name servers

100% SLA