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Reliable Access to Your Domains

DNSimple delivers guaranteed uptime across 200,000 managed domains and counting.

Unparalleled availability

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Whether you manage one domain or 100,000 domains, you can’t afford an outage.

With DNSimple, you maintain reliable access to your entire domain portfolio. How do we do it? Industry-leading availability features and SLAs that guarantee quality, availability, and responsibility from our service.

Multilayered DDoS Defense.

Your domains are automatically protected by our Distributed Denial of Service protection system.

No extra costs. No special configuration required.

Secondary DNS.

Uptime, response times, and redundancy are critical to domain availability.

Our streamlined Secondary DNS configurations automatically sync your zone to or from other DNS providers.

Anycast DNS.

Slash latency, mitigate downtime risks, and speed up your site by advertising the same IP from eight points of presence worldwide.

After years of using other DNS providers with mixed results and frustrating experiences, we switched to DNSimple for all our domain name registration and DNS needs. The user experience is so much better and support is top notch!

Jordan Knapp, Country Maid Inc.

Reliable DNS is important to a web server project. DNSimple offers a good balance of advanced features and usability, which mirrors the values of the Caddy project. We’re happy to be using DNSimple to resolve Caddy.

Matthew Holt, Caddy author

How to avoid DNS downtime.

Review this five-step uptime checklist - before your next DNS emergency.