Launch your customers' projects while protecting their domains.

Efficiently manage and automate domain registrations and transfers, records, SSL certificates, WHOIS compliance, and more.

Organize and deliver

Your customers' domains should never be an afterthought.

Keep your clients' domains organized with different accounts so they're easier to hand over when projects are completed. With different established billing, handing over a project is easy. Invite customers to take over management, or keep secured access to the account.

Automate and meet deadlines

Register domain names from our API, and configure DNS with a single click.

Automate domain registration, transfer, and DNS records - all through our API. Set up email and redirects for E-commerce platforms.

Branding with more than .com

With more than 300 top-level domains, you'll find more opportunities to brand your customers and find the perfect fit.

With vanity name servers, your clients will look like pros from the start.

We were able to roll out an experience our users love and continue to use in a very short period. This has increased our stickiness as a product and helped to reduce our customer churn.

Ryan Montgomery, CTO at ClickFunnels
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A very responsive customer service and personal contact with the founders convinced us our domains were in good hands.

Peter Dedene, Founder at Zenjoy
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Innovative DNS

Innovative technology for fast, easy domain name system management. DNSimple focuses on DNS management, and we offer a lot of tools most registrars don't have.

ALIAS records so your root domain works with cloud services.

Secure your domains with Let's Encrypt or Sectigo SSL certificates.

HTTPS redirector to redirect your customers' campaigns both with and without HTTPS.

One-click services to quickly set up DNS for a wide variety of companies.

Regional records to respond with different answers depending on where the request arrives.

Custom email addresses to forward to your inbox with Email forwarding.

DNSSEC protects from DNS spoofing, and ensures the integrity of your DNS records.

DDoS Defense automatically shields your domains from DDoS Attacks.

Prevent unexpected domain transfers with automated domain transfer locks.

You’ll also get unlimited DNS records and queries, so you never have to worry about overages.

Take good care of your customers

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