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Manage your Amazon Route 53 zones in DNSimple

AWS Route 53 — a DNSimple Integrated DNS Provider

Connect your Amazon Route 53 account to DNSimple, and manage all your zones side-by-side within DNSimple as part of our Domain Control Plane.

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A single pane of glass for domains, DNS, and more

The Domain Control Plane brings you unprecedented visibility and control into even the most complex domain portfolios — including resources hosted with AWS Route 53 or elsewhere outside DNSimple's infrastructure.

A comprehensive overview of your digital assets

View all your digital assets in one place — including domains, DNS records, and Route 53 zones.

Manage your Route 53 zones within DNSimple. List, create, update, and delete integrated zone records directly from DNSimple.

Sync integrated zone records from Route 53 to DNSimple, or from DNSimple to Route 53.

Take advantage of our advanced features, like intelligent record routing, automatic SSL certificate management, and more.

Easily connect your Amazon Route 53 account to DNSimple

  1. At DNSimple, go to the Account page, and click the Integrated Providers tab.
  2. Under Add an Integrated Provider, click the link button for AWS Route 53.
  3. Fill in any required parameters for the configuration.
  4. Fill in any necessary credentials for your account at Route 53.