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Become a domain name reseller

Fast-track your domain reselling business.

Don't leave money on the table, sell domains directly from your business website.

Activate your DNSimple account, plug into our API, and create recurring revenue. We provide you with the expertise to become a domain reseller.

Get started fast

Our Rest API makes integration with our service effortless.

Domain resellers have access to our engineering team for integration and challenging questions about DNS.

Keep a competitive advantage

Create more recurring revenue by making your product stickier.

Give your customers a shorter path to achieving their goals with our services. Bundling domain registrations with your product strengthens your offer.

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When considering your options, look at where the company spends its energy. Look at the thoughtfulness they put into their product. When you reach out, does a person respond? This is true of any service, but DNSimple has raised the bar. [...] We were able to roll out an experience our users love and continue to use in a very short period. This has increased our stickiness as a product and helped to reduce our customer churn. Clients should always be able to rely on your service, and the people behind it.

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Unique services

Benefit from services not offered by most domain registrars.

We provide additional services to your customers, like email forwarding, HTTPS redirects, Whois privacy, and Let’s Encrypt Certificates.

All plans include a multi-layered DDoS defense - an anycast network with Point Of Presence around the world.

Pre-built libraries

We officially support multiple APIs for Javascript, Go, Nodejs, Ruby, Elixir, Java and more.

An expert engineer is always available to help you with the integration process.

The DNSimple REST API lets you register domains, and administrate zones, records, SSL certificates, and other entities in DNSimple accounts.

Your customers want more than a .com

With more than 500 top-level domains, your customers can easily find the perfect fit.

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Strong security

Vendor neutral

We don't lock you in or require that you move any services to us. Keep your business possibilities open.

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Innovative DNS for domain name resellers

Innovative technology for fast, easy domain name system management. DNSimple focuses on DNS management, and we offer a lot of tools most registrars don't have.

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ALIAS records so your root domain works with cloud services.

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Secure your domains with Let's Encrypt or Sectigo SSL certificates.

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HTTPS redirector to redirect both with and without HTTPS.

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One-click services to quickly set up DNS for a wide variety of companies.

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Regional records to respond with different answers depending on where the request arrives.

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Custom email addresses to forward to your inbox with Email forwarding.

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DNSSEC protects from DNS spoofing, and ensures the integrity of your DNS records.

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DDoS Defense automatically shields your domains from DDoS Attacks.

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Prevent unexpected domain transfers with automated domain transfer locks.

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Domain Access Control lets you specify different roles for your team members on a per-domain basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a domain name reseller?
A Reseller is an organization or individual that purchases domains and domain related services to resell them to their own customers.
What is a domain name reseller program?
A reseller program allows you to set your own prices for domains and sell additional DNSimple services under your own brand.
Who can be a domain name reseller?
You can! We're an accredited ICANN registar and work with other ICANN licensed partners to offer domain registrations for your business.
How can I become a reseller?
Contact us below, and we'll happy to walk you through the process. Integrating with our API is fast. With an engineering team helping you along the way, you'll be selling domains in no time.
I have more questions.
Sure! We'll be happy to answer them. Contact us and we'll get back to you in less than 24 hours.

Become a Domain Name Reseller.

Contact us and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.