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We think domain management should be easy

That's why we continue building DNSimple


Manage domains and DNS across registrars and providers. Take control of all your assets wherever they live – at DNSimple, on premise, or in third-party clouds with our Domain Control Plane. A single pane of glass for domain registration, DNS hosting, and so much more.


Since 2010, we've worked to bring streamlined domain name management automation to the internet.

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A bit of our history

Key events and features released over the years.

2010 — 2015

Apr 2010

First commit

First commit to the application you're looking at right now.

Apr 2010

Public launch!

We open for business.

Aug 2010

1,000 customers!

After a fantastic demo at Ruby Conf by Anthony, we reach the first thousand customers.

Jan 2011

Chicago and Tokyo

We expand our server infrastructure for better redundancy.

Mar 2011

SSL certificate purchasing added

It becomes easy to buy a SSL certificate for your domain.

Nov 2011

ALIAS records

We launch a new record type called ALIAS, which provides a CNAME-like behavior for the apex domain.

Aug 2012

Two-factor authentication added

We were one of the first DNS providers to offer this type of login security.

Dec 2012

40,000 domains

We manange the DNS of over 40,000 domains.

Dec 2013

Migration to Anycast

We migrated all our customers to the new Anycast network, providing 5 points of presence.

Mar 2014

Support for new GTLDs

We add DNS hosting support for all the new TLDS.

Sep 2014

SHA-2 certificates

All newly purchased certificates are now using the SHA-256, one of the algorithms in the SHA-2 set of hashing algorithms.

Jan 2015

Secondary DNS

We provide zone replication to other DNS providers.

Jul 2015

Launch of How DNS Works

The web comic becomes an instant success with over 100k readers in its first month.

2016 — 2020

Mar 2016

APIv2 Beta

The new version of the DNSimple APIv2 is now available in Public Beta.

Mar 2016


You can now track events, improve your integrations, and streamline your domain management.

Nov 2016

SSL Automation

SSL Automation via our Let's Encrypt integration launches in beta.

Dec 2016

API v2 General Availability

The new version of the DNSimple APIv2 is now available for everyone.

Dec 2016

Launch of DNStudy

Wildcard certificates allow you to secure an unlimited number of names belonging to a single subdomain level.

Dec 2016

Activity Tracking

Providing a full audit history for a specific domain or for an account as a whole.

Jan 2017

CAA DNS records

Allowing domain owners to declare which certificate authorities are allowed to issue a certificate for a domain.

Jul 2018


We expand into Australia with the addition of a Sydney datacenter.

Aug 2018

Launch of How HTTPS works

Follow the adventures of Certificat, Browserbird, and Compugter as they explain why HTTPS is crucial for the future of the web and how it all works together.

Jan 2019

Let's Encrypt SSL Wildcard certificates

Wildcard certificates allow you to secure an unlimited number of names belonging to a single subdomain level.

Feb 2019


Automate DNSSEC key rotation directly through DNS with CDS and CDNSKEY records.

Mar 2019

Two-Factor enforcement for accounts

Increase the security on your accounts by requiring all members to have Two-Factor enabled.

Jul 2019

HTTPS Redirector

Set up encrypted end-to-end HTTPS redirects without needing to use any external services to handle HTTPS traffic.

Apr 2020

DNSimple Turns 10!

Celebrating 10 Years of DNSimple!

Jun 2020

New Go API Client is Released

Buy, connect, and operate your domains using our API with a new Go client.

Jul 2020

EDNS Client Support (ECS)

DNSimple works even better with your favorite Content Delivery Networks by supporting ECS.

Jul 2020

.NET Client Released

We now support .NET with this C# client.

Sep 2020

A new Java API Client is Released

Client improvements continue, this time with our Java API client.

Nov 2020

What is DNSimple?

We made a short animated movie to answer that question.

Dec 2020

How DNS Works, the movie!

Road trip! The How DNS Works comic comes to life with an animated video.

2021 — Now

Nov 2023

Secure your company's digital assets using API Access Tokens within DNSimple

Protect your digital assets in just a few clicks with DNSimple’s new scoped access tokens

Aug 2023

Transfer your Google domains to DNSimple with our Chrome Extension

Use our new Chrome extension to automatically transfer your Google domains to your DNSimple account with zero downtime

Aug 2023

Manage your GoDaddy domains from DNSimple

Manage your GoDaddy domains in DNSimple’s clean, efficient interface with our new Integrated Domain Providers

Aug 2023

Manage CoreDNS zones from DNSimple

With our CoreDNS integration, gain visibility and control of your DNS zones, all from DNSimple's UI and API

Jun 2023

Manage your AWS Route 53 DNS from DNSimple

Manage your AWS zones from DNSimple's web interface with our Integrated DNS Provider

Jun 2023

Register and Manage Domains with Terraform

Register and manage domains with Infrastructure as Code using Terraform

Mar 2023

OKTA Single Sign On

Managing your DNSimple team members with Okta

Mar 2023

Diversifying DNS for a More Resilient DNSimple

Diversifying our DNS edge to bring more resilience to our anycast DNS

Jan 2023

Name Server Sets

Simplify delegation changes by applying groups of name servers to your domains

Oct 2022

Notes for DNS Record

See the changes you made along with why you made them

Jun 2022

Support for WebAuthn & FIDO2 security keys

Get Stronger Account Protection with Web Authentication (WebAuthn) Support

Jun 2022

Google single sign-on

Simplify DNSimple Access with Google Single Sign-On and Social Login

Mar 2022

Netlify connector

Deploying your Jamstack applications is now simpler than ever

Jan 2022

Rust API Client

Expanding our list of supported languages to add Rust

Dec 2021

Domain access control released

Assign roles to team members to limit access to your account.

Nov 2021

KEY-data added to client libraries

All of our client libraries now support KEY-data.

Oct 2021

DNSSEC General Availability and KEY-data support

Our DNSSEC support reaches general availabilty, and we add support for registries requiring KEY-data.

Sep 2021

New API Clients for Python and PHP

Expanding our list of supported languages to add Python and PHP.

Jun 2021

Heroku Connector

We've made connecting your domains to Heroku even easier.

May 2021

Secondary DNS hosting

Want to have DNSimple as your secondary DNS provider? Now you can!

Mar 2021

How DNSSEC Works

We've explained DNS, we've explained HTTPS, now we're tackling DNSSEC.

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We created DNSimple, because we think domain management should be easy. Everything is automated, so you can set up domains effortlessly. No confusion. No complications. No convoluted pricing. We won't ever sell you what you don't need. And we're always here if you need help.

Using DNSimple is exactly that: Simple. Set your DNS records, and move on to more pressing concerns. Manage a highly dynamic infrastructure with constant DNS changes without breaking a sweat. You can rely on us to provide a domain management service that makes your life easier.

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