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Learn how DNS and HTTPS work

We ❤️ comics. We love to read them. We love to make them. We think it's a great format for explaining complex subjects, like how DNS and HTTPS work.

We even made an animated video based on one of our comics. Watch it now to learn more about How DNS Works!

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Meet the Characters

A list of the main characters appearing throughout our comics.

A photo of trusty Trusty howdns.works

Born ns1.dnsimple.com. Trusty delivers the fastest and most reliable answers to your DNS queries.

A photo of resolver Resolver howdns.works

Traveler. Goes to the end of the world to fetch the IP address that you need – only because he loves road trips.

A photo of certificat Certificat howhttps.works

The queen of HTTPS. She knows how to encrypt a connection, so your information stays safe and secure.

A photo of taco Taco howdnssec.works

DNSSEC aficionado. Excited about bringing security to the DNS world.

A photo of browserbird Browserbird howhttps.works

Extrovert, sensitive, and very fond of her relationship with Compugter. Loves tattoos.

A photo of compugter Compugter howhttps.works

Half dog, half computer. Loves a good HTTPS handshake.

A photo of root Root howdns.works

A simple server with simple answers. Root tells you where to find the TLD server for your domain names.

A photo of crab Crab howhttps.works

Trouble maker. Evil doer. Currently trying to hack into your computer.

A photo of dotcom Dotcom howdns.works

Responds with the freshest information about authoritative name servers.

A photo of webby Webby howdns.works

Consistent. Reliable. Friendly web server bringing you hours of cat video joy.

A photo of greenlock Greenlock howhttps.works

Trusted. Secure. Here to help you enter your information on the web without a crab spying on it.

A photo of bluecat Bluecat howdns.works

Narrator. Like most cats, enjoys a good story with an adventure.

A photo of dennis Dennis howdns.works

Human. DNS aficionado. Loves to learn about how the internet works.

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