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Integrated DNS Providers

Manage Your Amazon Route53 Zones in DNSimple

Integrated DNS Providers is a powerful new feature that allows you to connect your Amazon Route53 account to DNSimple and manage all your zones side-by-side within our platform.

A Comprehensive Overview of Your Digital Assets

Integrated DNS providers

Get a complete view of all your digital assets in one place, including domains, DNS records, and Route53 zones.

Manage your Route53 zones within DNSimple, saving you time and effort.

Take advantage of the advanced DNS features of DNSimple, such as intelligent record routing, automatic SSL certificate management, and more.

Easy to set up

Effortless to set up and just as easy to disconnect
if you no longer need it.


Log in to your Amazon Route 53 account and generate new API keys.

Generate API keys in Amazon AWS

Head over to your DNSimple account and paste the new API keys in the integrated providers section.

View how to add AWS API keys

Synchronize your Zones and DNS records seamlessly between DNSimple and Amazon Route 53 for effortless updates.

Instructions on how to synchronize
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Manage Your DNS with Ease

Get a comprehensive overview of all your digital assets in one place and manage your Route53 zones with ease.

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DNSimple as your new control plane for DNS

Integrated DNS providers is the latest addition to our suite of powerful features. Manage your DNS and Route53 zones all in one place, without the hassle of switching between platforms.

Integrated DNS Providers

Connect your Amazon Route53 account today and take control of your DNS management like never before.

Manage your Amazon Route53 domains from DNSimple.

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