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Domain and DNS Security

Keep your domains as secure as possible with DNSimple’s robust domain security tools.

Safeguard your domains every step of the way.

Domain Security

DNSimple’s services create the DNS configuration needed to secure your domains — without the extra work and complications.

SSL certificates

Secure your sensitive information with Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates. Our API fully automates their request and renewal.

Domain auto-renewal

Ensure your domain renews before it expires.

CAA record

Protect your domain from mis-issued SSL certificates. Permit only the Certificate Authorities you use to issue SSL certificates for your domains.

HTTPS redirector

Secure your site and ensure no one can access communication to/from your website. Available on the Teams plan and higher.

Automated transfer locks

Prevent your domain from being unintentionally or unexpectedly transferred.

Free WHOIS privacy

Keep your contact information private for your domains.

DNS Security

Easily secure your DNS with Domain Name Security Extensions (DNSSEC) and automatic key rotation.


Prevent attackers from spoofing your IP address and redirecting your users to malicious sites. Use the same technology for your domains that financial institutions use to protect your data.

Automatic key rotation

Further secure your domains with DNSSEC rotation. We automatically rotate DS records for domains registered through DNSimple.

DDoS Defense

Automatically shields your domains from DDoS Attacks. Available free on all plans.

Account Security

Protect your domains and information with DNSimple’s account security features.

Multi-factor authentication

Enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) to add an extra layer of security at login. We support one-time password authentication apps, external hardware keys, and platform authenticators.

Multi-Factor authentication for teams

Enforce MFA for your team. Available on the Teams plan and higher.

Single Sign-on

Provision account access for every team member using Okta or Google as your identity provider.

Domain Access Control

Specify different roles for your team members on a per-domain basis. Available on the Teams plan and higher.