URL Forwarding with 301 Redirects

If you want to protect your brand you often need to register various versions of a single brand under different top-level domains. The easiest way to drive traffic to a single site with multiple addresses is using an HTTP 301 redirect. Search engines like Google prefer 301 redirects for domains that are URL forwarded reducing the likelihood that your site's content will be treated as duplicate content.

Setting up your URL forwarding is easy and can be done for any domain name or subdomain. You can URL forward to HTTP or HTTPS addresses and paths will be translated when requests are forwarded. For example: if you forward forward-me.com to https://example.com then the request for http://forward-me.com/some/path will be forwarded to https://example.com/some/path.

We don't charge any additional fee for URL redirects. Have as many as you would like with any of our DNSimple hosted DNS plans.

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