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A blue print style image showing the DNSimple trusty mascot

Our mascots

A mascot is a person, animal, or object selected by a group as a representative figure especially to bring them good luck.

— Twitter

At DNSimple, we are lucky enough to have two mascots. This is not intentional. We became attached to both over time. It was an accident, and it all started when we launched How DNS works But before we talk about them, do we think that they bring us good luck? Totally! Since we have Trusty and Resolver, our happiness, luck, and productivity has increased by at least a 7%. That's why our laptops are covered with them.

  • Trusty

    Trusty is our authoritative name server. Codename: ns1.dnsimple.com. His role is to provide answers to DNS queries. For example:

    Connecting your website to an IP address

    Making sure your mail reaches the correct mail servers

    Trusty is the ultimate authority for DNS. No cached values. No delegating the query to anyone else. Run a WHOIS query to know who are your authoritative name servers.

  • Fig 1. Trusty internal specs

  • The origins

    Back in Spring 2015, we wanted to create something to explain how important DNS is to the internet, even for seemingly simple interactions like browsing to a website. We had a couple of goals in mind:

    Highlight how people use DNS everyday without knowing it.

    Explain DNS in an engaging and fun way, without jargon.

    We initially thought on producing an infographic, but in 2015, infographics were so 2014. We made a couple of uninspired attempts; but eventually, on a Friday morning, we built an initial set of characters for a comic. Trusty and Resolver were part of this list.

    After the success of the comic, Trusty and Resolver went on a series of iterations. We made minor tweaks to their shape and colors in order to provide us with a more flexible system to adapt them to our stickers.

    But here they are today, and they are here to stay.

  • DNSimple's Trusty mascot DNSimple's Resolver mascot

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