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A quick tour of our C# API in under 9 minutes.

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Quickly check domain availability, add a DNS record, and request an SSL certificate directly from C#.

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Configuring server-wide DNS template is made simple for our Enterprise Network with DNSimple.

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Case studies

Learn how our customers use DNSimple to automate their companies' domain management — from registering domains and adding zone records, to reselling domains and managing cloud infrastructure.

Developer tips

Open a free account in our Sandbox environment. Write, test, and verify your code before you move to production.

Test domain registration and issuing SSL certificates at no charge. Domains registered in Sandbox do not resolve, and SSL certificates should not be installed in any production environment.

Use our testing credit card to select a plan that matches the features that you'd like to test.

Follow this guide to obtain your token for your API calls.

Create an account in Sandbox

Start by writing small scripts that explore how you can use the API. Writing a custom report is a good way to get exposure to different API endpoints and how you can combine those.

// Print my domains with expiration date and associated SSL certificate if any.

var domains = client.Domains.ListDomains(accountId).Data;
foreach (var domain in domains)
 Console.Write("- {0}: {1}", domain.Name, domain.State);
    if (domain.State.Equals("registered"))
        Console.Write("(expires on: {0})\n", domain.ExpiresAt);

    var certificates = client.Certificates.ListCertificates(accountId, domain.Name).Data;

    if (!certificates.Any()) continue;
    foreach (var certificate in certificates)
        Console.Write("    - {0}: {1} (years till expiry: {2} ",
            certificate.CommonName, certificate.State, certificate.Years);
        if ((bool) certificate.AutoRenew)
            Console.Write("but will auto renew");

Managing domains with similar configurations can be error prone. Use the CSharp API to automate DNS changes across multiple domains with DNS templates.

In the script below, we've created a template to apply to any domain after registration.

// Point a domain to hosting after registration
var template = client.Templates.CreateTemplate(accountId, new Template
 Name = "Domain registration template",
    Sid = "after-domain-registration-template",
    Description = "Point a domain to hosting after registration",

client.Templates.CreateTemplateRecord(accountId, template.Sid, new TemplateRecord
    Name = "a",
    Content = "",
    Type = "A",
    Ttl = 600,

// To keep this example short, registering the domain is omitted.

// Apply the template to the domain
client.Templates.applyTemplate(accountId, template.Sid, domain)

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