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Apex Hosting customer story
Large-scale DNS Management

Seth Mattox, Founder at Apex Hosting

Discovering DNSimple's streamlined, secure, affordable services.

The company

Apex Hosting is a Minecraft server host that built their infrastructure and support team to provide the best support possible for their clients. They’ve hosted over 200,000 servers, and offer advanced DDOS protection, Xeon E5 processors, strong 1Gbps connections, and RAID hard drives, so their users always get a smooth hosting experience. Whether someone is brand new to server hosting, or a seasoned admin, Apex is dedicated to making sure everyone gets the best experience possible.

The challenge

With such a large number of servers, they needed a DNS service provider that lined up with their needs. DNSimple is dedicated to making sure everyone gets the best DNS management experience possible through our streamlined, secure services – which made us the perfect fit for Apex Hosting.

Apex partnered with DNSimple in August 2019, and they’ve been avid fans of our secure, cost-effective services ever since.

Costs and limitations

Apex Hosting needed a way to manage 100,000 A record and SRV record entries via an API – without breaking the bank. They had tried a couple of the larger DNS management services, but were unimpressed with the account limitations and costs.

They kept looking, but the third service they tried flat-out broke:

Over time the costs and record limitations became unmanageable. We then attempted a third service which broke globally under our companies security requirements and their limited infrastructure.

Seth Mattox, Founder

When you’re hosting servers, you want the best support, security, and a lag-free, zero-downtime experience. Apex needed a DNS management partner that would allow them to meet the needs of their clients. None of the providers they tried were achieving that.

The perfect balance

In looking for a new DNS management provider, Apex did a Google search for a company that would fit their goals. They went from never having heard of DNSimple to finding it was the perfect fit for their hosting services.

Ultimately, DNSimple was the perfect balance of API management, secure infrastructure, and cost that won us over.

Seth Mattox, Founder

Our secure, streamlined DNS management service provided the ease of use and peace of mind Apex needed. They quickly and easily implemented our service, doing a refactoring of the code in a single afternoon, and migrating over their entire client list. They also loved how simple it was to create subdomains for new services and allow users to update their existing records.

The implementation was quick and easy due to our similar API request code used at other companies.

Seth Mattox, Founder

Unlike the other service providers they had tried, DNSimple was more readily-able to handle their large-scale management needs. Our well-documented, robust API was exactly what they had been looking for.

In fact, it was so easy to implement, they were even able to expand their offerings:

We went from only offering subdomains to those that request it, to setting one up for every user and allowing them self management using a single input field.

Seth Mattox, Founder


Apex Hosting went from trying multiple major providers - and being let down by all of them - to being able to not only keep up with what they needed, but even increasing their services.

DNSimple does a great job at all we want it to do. People always want cheaper but this service is already so cost-competitive it’s hard to ask for more.

Seth Mattox, Founder

They gave us such an enthusiastic recommendation, we think it speaks for itself:

It’s rare you find such a highly-documented, secure, and cost-effective service that can have such an impact on our operations. We 10/10 would recommend it.

Seth Mattox, Founder

Whether you’re managing 100,000+ records or just a handful of domains, we've got a plan for you. Take a look at our support and developer documentation to learn more about everything DNSimple has to offer.

Sign up to give our secure, cost-effective DNS management a try free for 30 days. Have more questions or want to chat more about your needs? Drop us a line - we’re always ready to help.

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Favorite features

API Automation

With the DNSimple REST API you can register one or more domain names and administrate them directly from your own scripts. We currently maintain Ruby, Node, Elixir, and Go.

Support & Developer Documentation

Our support site and developer documentation contain everything you need to manage your domains through our UI & API.

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