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EZMSP customer story
Streamlined DNS hosting and domain management operations

Danielle Levenfus, Inside Sales and Procurement Specialist at EZMSP

Efficient domain management

The Company

EZMSP provides IT Support โ€“ technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting โ€“ to small and medium-sized businesses in the New York area. They focus on providing expert IT practices and solutions to small businesses, because every company deserves the same level of care as large enterprises.

EZMSP has been a customer of DNSimple since April 2013. Over the years, DNSimple has added features and benefits, including Let's Encrypt Certificates, additional points of presence in the DNSimple Anycast network, and updates and enhancements to their automation API. Above all we value dedicated support, which makes EZMSP a pretty perfect fit for DNSimple.

The Challenge

EZMSP was using a mix of domain and SSL providers. With various team members handling different aspects of the domains, things were getting complicated. They couldn't limit individual access, so they were forced to give everyone access to all aspects of each account.

From an accounting side, they were unable to have uniform pricing or a consistent product offering, because each registrar had different pricing and products. They struggled to track incoming domain and SSL certificate bills, and their primary provider didn't offer itemized billing.

Their primary provider's website was also unintuitive โ€“ finding information required multiple steps. Perhaps most importantly, they were disappointed with the low level of support and customer service. Having too many providers, complex billing, a lack of support, and being forced to share a single account for the entire company were unreasonable. EZMSP began searching for a new domain management provider to meet their requirements.

The Solution

EZMSP found DNSimple's straightforward, friendly interface to be a great fit for their needs.

With DNSimple, EZMSP uses one provider to manage their clients' various services: purchase and renew domain names, manage DNS, and purchase/install SSL certificates. Their technical and administrative team members can easily use the different features. Locating domains and SSL certificates is simple, and each team member has an individual account with unique credentials, rather than a single, company-wide login. This, coupled with the ability to enforce two-factor authentication, increases security and decreases headaches.

We're most proud of meeting their expectations for increased support and customer service. When EZMSP reached out to DNSimple, our Sales Director, Andrew, was prompt, responsive, and helpful:

When we started looking into DNSimple, we reached out to Andrew with questions. He made himself available to us as a resource, via email and/or phone and continues to be our go to person for any questions that arise. On the few occasions that Andrew didnโ€™t know the answer to a technical question, he worked with us to get the answer from the appropriate resources. That dedication to customer service is what we strive for in our own business, and we appreciate when we are able to receive it as a customer.

Danielle Levenfus, Inside Sales and Procurement Specialist at EZMSP

DNSimple offered EZMSP excellent support, the products they needed at a competitive price-point, and clear, itemized billing. We made things simple, streamlined, and focused.

Exceptional Service

We work with our clients on anything they might need. Whether it's a missing feature, a support need, or just questions, we use our expertise to make sure those requests are met. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service โ€“ but you don't have to take our word for it:

From the beginning of our interaction, we have seen firsthand how amazing it is to work with a company that takes our suggestions, ideas, frustrations, etc. to heart.

Danielle Levenfus, Inside Sales and Procurement Specialist at EZMSP

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Favorite features

Multiple Member Team

You can associate your DNSimple account with one or more users. Users have full access rights to every resource attached to the account โ€“ domains, contacts, SSL certificates, etc.

Vanity Name Servers

For when you want to use our name servers but have them appear as your name servers.

SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates provide encrypted connections between your web browser and the websites you visit.

Domain Auto-renew

Domains auto-renew before they expire, so you have fewer things to keep track of.

Ready to get started?

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Donโ€™t hesitate! Do your due-diligence, but trust the team at DNSimple, and take the plunge. Itโ€™s worth it to gain piece of mind alone, but you also get great services, and a wonderful vendor to work with out of the deal!

Danielle Levenfus, Inside Sales and Procurement Specialist at EZMSP

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