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Zenjoy customer story
Domains and DNS hosting in good hands

Peter Dedene, Founder

Worry-free DNS

The Company

Zenjoy is a digital web studio specializing in websites and mobile apps for a variety of clients. They create technical solutions, help clients connect with their target audiences, and join the two together with thoughtful design. Zenjoy also recently launched Nimbu - a web and app platform that combines content management, e-commerce, and mobile backend-as-a-service in a single, easy-to-use application.

Zenjoy has been working with DNSimple since 2011. That's eight years of continued trust and partnership, because Zenjoy knows their domain management is in good hands with DNSimple.

Over those eight years, DNSimple has grown significantly. We've added premium features - vanity name servers, Anycast IP addresses, Let’s Encrypt SSL wildcard certificate integration, and HTTPS support for our Redirector - to our stable, reliable DNS (Domain Name System) hosting platform. All while keeping the personal touches and streamlined interface that made DNSimple the perfect fit for Zenjoy in the first place.

Multiple Challenges

Zenjoy manages a wide variety of domain names for their clients. Before DNSimple, they had multiple registrars and were using their own servers to host their DNS. They had no simple interface for updating DNS records - which meant only their technically-minded colleagues could manage domains.

With so many domains to keep up with, they were encountering technical issues with running reliable, zero-downtime DNS in-house. They needed a change. Keeping things going smoothly and getting good search engine rankings meant fast DNS response times were critical.

They needed a DNS solution to not only keep up with domains through the web application, but also to integrate with their new platform, Nimbu. Domain management with a reliable API was key. That's where DNSimple came in.

Deciding on DNSimple

DNSimple's responsive customer service and user-friendly interface offered the perfect solution for Zenjoy. Our modern REST-API helps them manage and automate their domains, so they can focus on keeping their clients happy.

Many SaaS offerings are also impersonal and have no way of directly getting in touch with the persons (sic) running the service. Not so for DNSimple: a very responsive customer service and personal contact with the founders convinced us our domains were in good hands.

Peter Dedene, Managing Director & Founder

Zenjoy uses DNSimple mainly for DNS hosting, which they found easy to implement. Our interface is so straightforward that everyone in the company could use it, even if they weren’t engineers.

Most new domains are [managed] through the DNSimple web interface. This is so user-friendly that our non-technical colleagues can find their way and manage to correctly configure the DNS records for a domain. The availability of templates for many SaaS makes this even easier.

Peter Dedene, Managing Director & Founder

We provided clear solutions to their challenges - including ALIAS-type records. DNSimple's vanity name servers and Anycast ip addresses take the service to another level. Zenjoy finally had a DNS hosting platform they could trust, and that would help them thrive.

The Outcome

DNSimple's exceptional customer service and easy-to-use interface have changed the way Zenjoy manages their domains. Our DNS has given them confidence and peace of mind for eight years and counting. They help their clients achieve their SEO goals, while maintaining zero-downtime and giving everyone at the company the ability to update DNS records. Our state-of-the-art API means they can also seamlessly integrate the DNS hosting for all domains linked to projects in Nimbu.

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Favorite features

Vanity Name Servers

For when you want to use our name servers but have them appear as your name servers.

SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates provide encrypted connections between your web browser and the websites you visit.

Multiple Member Team

You can associate your DNSimple account with one or more users. Users have full access rights to every resource attached to the account – domains, contacts, SSL certificates, etc.

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Just switch to DNSimple! They are reliable, easy to use, continuously innovating, and their customer service is world-class.

Peter Dedene, Founder

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