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Userlist Simplifies Domain Management with DNSimple

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Benedikt Deicke, Co-founder / CTO

Userlist is an email automation platform for SaaS companies that meets the complexity of SaaS businesses. They allow users to track company-level data, and trigger campaigns based on company-level events. Userlist helps you onboard, engage, and nurture customers and marketing leads.

We talked to Benedikt Deicke, Userlist's Cofounder, about why they trust DNSimple with their domain management.

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Scattered domain management

Userlist previously had domains and DNS hosting scattered among different providers and registrars. It was a mess and unclear which domain was managed where. On top of that, the management interfaces for DNS records were very clunky and confusing. There was no support for things like ALIAS records or anything else that wasn't a basic (A/CNAME/TXT/MX) record.

They needed a streamlined service where they could manage all their domains in one place.

Benedikt Deicke, Userlists's co-founder, had been using DNSimple for personal projects for a while. He finally got fed up with Userlist's previous DNS setup, so he migrated their domains and DNS hosting over to DNSimple, too.

Simple set up

Support for ALIAS records was one of DNSimple's primary draws for Userlist, because it's a useful feature that isn't offered by many providers. They also appreciated our simple, streamlined interface, and how easy it was to get set up.

DNSimple's user interface is a lot cleaner and easier to use than anything I've used before.

Our custom forms for more complex records, like SPF or MX, also make it a lot simpler to set things up without making a mistake.

Migrating our existing domains into DNSimple was very nice. The automatic import feature was helpful, so we didn't have to copy everything over manually.

They're not using the API at the moment, but just knowing there's an API (and a Terraform provider) is reassuring, because it means they can likely solve any DNS-related issues in the future.

Solid service & peace of mind

Over the years it became obvious that you deeply care about providing a solid service and great customer experience.

They've seen that DNSimple takes innovation seriously. We're constantly working to improve DNS management and security. And features like Secondary DNS mean Userlist knows they're in very good hands.

DNSimple also gives them peace of mind when it comes to DNS hosting, and makes things simpler from start to finish.

I don't dread fiddling with DNS records, because it's not a hellish nightmare of barely working forms and convoluted workflows.

Stop struggling with DNS

With DNSimple you pay for the DNS hosting part, but you also get a great, easy to use product, with features you don't get with most other providers.

Most registrars offer free DNS hosting for your domains, but it's presented as a necessary add-on to domain registration rather than a primary offering. DNS management is our focus, and it shows with our ease of use, myriad features, and solid infrastructure.

Migrate to DNSimple and stop struggling with DNS.

From support for ALIAS records and a robust API to custom forms and automatic imports, we'll help you streamline and organize your domain management.

If you're ready to experience innovative DNS management and security, give us a try free for 30 days. Have more questions about your DNS? Drop us a line — we'd love to chat.

Stop struggling with DNS.
Migrate to DNSimple.

Benedikt Deicke avatar

Benedikt Deicke, Userlist co-founder / CTO

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