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We're excited to announce you can now control who has access to each of your domains.
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Avoid DNS downtime...

Use DNSimple as your Secondary DNS provider

Add DNSimple as a Secondary DNS provider, and improve the redundancy and resilience of your DNS zones hosted with any other third-party DNS service.

All companies should include a secondary DNS solution, because everyone's looking for the same thing when it comes to running their online presence: 100% uptime. Using multiple DNS providers helps ensure your services stay online.

See how Dallas uses DNSimple as Secondary DNS.

Secondary DNS with DNSimple

Using the AXFR protocol, we automatically synchronize the records from your primary DNS provider. You can use our API to configure us as secondary from your own scripts.

Fast response times

Some resolvers prefer name servers that respond to the fastest to queries. With additional name servers on your side, your zone will have more reliable and consistent response times.

API Ready

We've updated our API libraries — they're ready for plug-and-play Secondary DNS configuration in your own scripts. You can set up DNSimple as a secondary server for your hosted zones using our developer API.

DNS redundancy

We automatically pull the zone from your primary DNS provider to our own name servers. If your primary ever goes down, our name servers can serve the requests to your domain without missing a beat.

Get started with DNSimple as Secondary DNS

For help setting up DNSimple as Secondary DNS, follow the instructions in our support article.

In your DNSimple dashboard, find the new "Secondary Zones" tab. From there, you can configure your Secondary Zones and Primary Servers. If you don't have an account yet, there's no better time to start your free trial.

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