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Bonjour dotGo

We are DNSimple,
a domain management provider for developers.
We specialize in DNS and SSL Certificates.

We enjoy working with Go. We even have an official Go client for our API.

// Use our Go client to manage your domains and DNS via API :)
func main() {
  authToken := "xxxxx"
  client := dnsimple.NewClient(dnsimple.NewOauthTokenCredentials(oauthToken))

  // Get a list of domains for a specific account
  accountID := "1234"
  domains, _ := client.Domains.ListDomains(accountID, nil)
  for _, domain := range domains.Data {

Plenty of heavy lifting is done with Go.

Here is Trusty, our authoritative name server working out with the Gopher

Some of our apps with Go

We use go specifically where we need high performance with low memory footprint.

The redirector

We use Go to provide a special DNS record called URL. With a URL record, you can redirect a domain or subdomain to another hostname. Read more about URL records.

Zone data service

The bridge that connects the postgres database with our Erlang name server. Loads our entire DNS zones in memory and exposes them to the name servers for fast access. Also handles zone updates and changes.

Go remote control

A library that is designed to execute commands on remote servers using our chatbot via Slack. Read more about the remote control

We participate in the Go community

By sponsoring events like dotGo or making our libraries open source.

If you have any questions about how we use Go, feel free to use our contact page or email us at support@dnsimple.com, we'll be happy to answer you.

And don't forget to check out our services at dnsimple.com

Gopher and Trusty going for their high-five.

Read about Trusty and DNS at How DNS works.

The Go Gopher was designed by Renee French and released under the Creative Commons Attributions 3.0.