DNSimple as Secondary DNS is here!

We're excited to announce that you can enable Secondary DNS with DNSimple to add redundancy and ensure uptime for your domains.

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Domain and DNS Security

You need to make sure your domains are as secure as possible. DNSimple provides everything you need to do just that. With DDoS Defense, account security, registration security, and domain security, we help you safeguard your domains every step of the way.

Network Security

Network security is critical. We make sure your domains stay safe with features included on all plans.

DDoS Protection

When you create an account with DNSimple, your domains are automatically protected by our Distributed Denial of Service protection system. No extra costs. No special configuration required.

Secondary DNS

Uptime, response times, and redundancy are critical when it comes to improving the security of your domain. Use our streamlined Secondary DNS configurations to automatically sync your zone to or from other DNS providers.

Domain Security

Taking extra-steps to make sure your domains are safe doesn't have to be complicated. DNSimple's services create all the DNS configuration needed to secure your domains – without all the extra work.

Let's Encrypt SSL certificates keep your sensitive information secure. Our API fully automates request and renewal of these certificates.

Domain auto-renewal means you don't have to think about when your domains expire or how to renew them. This feature ensures your domain is renewed before it expires.

CAA records ensure only the Certificate Authorities you use are allowed to issue SSL certificates for your domains. This feature protects your domain from mis-issuance.

Our HTTPS redirector secures your site and ensures no one can access communication to or from your website. Available on the professional plan and higher.

Automated domain transfer locks prevent your domain from being unintentionally or unexpectedly transferred.

Whois Privacy keeps the contact information private for your domains. This feature replaces the public information you provide with an anonymous proxy identity in the public WHOIS database.

DNS Security

We make securing your DNS simple with Domain Name Security Extensions (DNSSEC) and automatic key rotation.


Use the same technology for your domains that financial institutions use to protect your data. DNSSEC prevents attackers from spoofing your IP address and redirecting your users to malicious sites.

Automatic key rotation

Further secure your domains with DNSimple's DNSSEC rotation. We'll automatically rotate DS records for domains registered through DNSimple.

Account Security

Protect your domains and your information with DNSimple's account security features.

Two-factor authentication

Protect your account from theft and fraud. Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) to add an extra layer of security at login.

Enforce 2FA for your team

Don't take risks with your account access. Enforcing 2FA for your team ensures all account members have an extra layer of protection against unwanted account access. Available on the professional plan and higher.

Secure your domain with DNSimple

If you have any questions about domain security, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy to answer your questions.

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