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The Linux Foundation is an open source community helping companies and developers identify and contribute to projects that matter. They work to benefit society by addressing the challenges of industry and technology, with the ideals that code is power, and community is strength. The Linux Foundation supports projects by enabling developers, providing expert resources in business and IT operations, and helping develop open source ecosystems.

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A Need for Support

The Linux Foundation has a very small IT team responsible for all domain management — including registration, renewal, DNS, and some basic services, like email forwarding and http(s) redirects. Most people responsible for requesting changes to these services were not on the IT team. They would submit change-request tickets, some of which were urgent. A lot of The Linux Foundation's challenges revolved around these support tickets and how to alleviate pressure from the IT staff.

We wanted to automate registration and management of our domains.

They needed a domain registrar with a robust API that supported numerous TLDs, email forwards, and HTTP(S) redirects. DNSimple checked all the boxes

A Robust API

With over 1500 domains to manage, the Linux Foundation needed a registrar with a robust API. They wanted to be able to automate registration and management of their domains. After looking at a number of other registrars, they found none of them fulfilled all their requirements. Some had APIs that were missing functionality. Others didn't support specific TLDs.

They had heard of another company that was happy with DNSimple, so they decided to give us a try.

"DNSimple's API documentation was up to date, clear and accurate. Their support was excellent when we reached out with questions."

The implementation process was very smooth, thanks to our responsive support and comprehensive documentation.

Their search for a registrar with a variety of features and a regularly updated API was over — they'd found exactly what they needed in DNSimple.

How Linux Foundation uses DNSimple API to maintain their domains

The Linux Foundation uses DNSimple's API to register domains directly from their Project Control Center.

A broadly-loved service

The Linux Foundation used DNSimple's API to implement an internal dashboard. Their internal users can now register their own domains, create and manage email forwards, and set url redirects — without submitting requests to IT.

We register domains using our own custom business logic.

Our users are able to register domains using our own custom business logic which has greatly reduced the support burden. Our IT staff is now free to focus on important tasks, rather than doing the same domain registration and management tasks all the time.

Previously, the non-IT staff didn't have access to their registrar, so they were often unaware of what domains had been registered, which email forwards were set up and where they went, or which URL redirects were set up and their destinations. Using DNSimple's API to move to a self-service model has made things easier for the team.

It has greatly reduced our support burden, improved response times for other IT support, and has been broadly loved by all who use it.

Now that their IT team no longer needs to respond to domain registration and management requests, they've got more time to focus on important things.

"We now spend a lot less time managing over 1,500 domains than we previously spent managing only 200."

Jordan Evans avatar

Jordan Evans, Sr. Systems Engineer

Fast, Responsive, Unique

DNSimple's wide variety of features, along with our expert support, have helped alleviate stress from their IT team, and empowered users to register and manage their own domains. We've met The Linux Foundation's list of specific needs from implementation to customization and use.

If you're ready to experience a robust API, expert support, and automated domain management, we're ready for you. Try us free for 30 days. Have more questions about what DNSimple can do for your company? Drop us a line — we'd love to chat.

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