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Breadwinner customer story

Scaling alongside a growing software company

Stony Grunow avatar Stony Grunow, Cofounder

Photo by Benjamin Child on Unsplash.

The Company

Breadwinner is a Software as a Service company specializing in integrating Salesforce with accounting solutions, ERP solutions, and payment solutions. Their customers benefit from being able to access their replicated financial data from inside Salesforce while maintaining the master data in their finance systems.

Breadwinner has been working with DNSimple since 2016, when they found that DNSimple was the best service for handling certain DNS features required by Heroku. Since then, they’ve taken advantage of many of our features, including:

An expanding domain portfolio

Breadwinner started with just one domain and only required minor complexities around subdomains. However, the number of domains they worked with grew, along with the complexity.

Their initial decision to move their domains from Godaddy to DNSimple was based on recommendations from the Heroku community. They needed some of DNSimple's features to fully take advantage of Heroku.

Their staff also expanded. While the founder was initially the only one to log in to DNSimple, this caused delays. Delegation to other staff became vital. This needed to be granular, with control over which domains various staff had access to, which DNSimple provided via domain access controls. This solved their delegation needs and accelerated both junior and senior teams.

Once we started using DNSimple's Teams Plan, we were able to distribute this responsibility and do so for specific domains or all domains. The ability to delegate sped up our junior developers and saved time for our senior staff.

Mike Honekamp, VP of Software Development, Breadwinner

Best of all, user accounts had multi-factor authentication. They could see which users had enabled it and enforce it across all user accounts — which was required for their security controls.

Save time and accelerate work

DNSimple's user management feature saved Breadwinner’s senior developers time and accelerated the work of the junior developers. Unique features, like ALIAS and URL records, saved days of work and helped Breadwinner avoid an ongoing maintenance headache.

I love DNSimple's innovation. The ALIAS and URL records have solved so many headaches. Before we realized DNSimple had created these record types, we thought we'd have to spin up a server for a simple redirection task. They saved us days, and implementing DNSimple's approach took about 60 seconds.

Stony Grunow, Cofounder

If you're ready to let DNSimple simplify your business’s domain management with our granular domain access controls, robust security features, and automated domain management, we're ready for you.

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Favorite features

Alias Records

Allowing CNAME functionality on root domains

SSL Certificates

Free wildcard certificates represent a large savings to customers.

Multiple Member Team

Delegated, granular access with enforced 2FA solved both technical needs, delegation needs, and security compliance needs.

Once I started using DNSimple, I have recommended it enthusiastically to anyone who mentions the larger, traditional DNS companies.

Stony Grunow, Cofounder

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