DNSimple as Secondary DNS is here!

We're excited to announce that you can enable Secondary DNS with DNSimple to add redundancy and ensure uptime for your domains.

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Simple, Secure Domain Management

Automate your domains with our API.

Efficiently Import DNS Records

Enter your domain name and the subdomains that you'd like to import. No copy/pasting required.

The process starts automatically when you transfer or add a domain to your account. Test it for yourself here.

Enter your domain. Never copy-paste DNS again.

Integrate in minutes
with our API

Get ahead of the curve by understanding the basics of our Ruby API.

We also support other programming languages, but we promise you'll enjoy this tour of our API.









Great support when you need it

I am always so impressed with @dnsimple. Sent them an email and @aeden himself answered. Why do not all CEOs field customer questions? It builds a lifetime of value!


Big yes to DNSimple. Transferred a bunch of domains to them today. *They* also contacted *me* about an issue I had the other day. Just all round great people.


Kudos to Ole. Was able to diagnose my problem with AWS CloudFront. DNSimple was working perfectly all along. Reliable service and support folks who fix my "other problem" rather than just say, "it's not us". A sincere "Thank You" to you all.


Simple Connections

Connect your productivity suite, web hosting, blog, e-commerce, all with a single click.

With 44 services and growing, you can always connect to your favorites.

one-click services providers

Better Security

We offer SSL certificates with DNS-based domain validation, auto-renewal, and Wildcard support. All automated.

let's encrypt

The Tools for Successful DNS Automation

Offered on every plan.

ALIAS records

A virtual record that provides CNAME-like behavior on apex domains.

Anycast DNS

Faster sites. Reduces latency by advertising the same IP from different locations.

Full API access

Well documented, battle-tested libraries for you to work with.

Multi-layered DDoS defense

Reduce the risk of your application being down due to DDoS attacks.

Secondary DNS

Add redundancy to your zones by having them replicate to other DNS providers.

Unlimited queries

No monthly query limits on your DNS records.

Unlimited records per zone

No limits on how many records you can have on your zones.

SSL Automation

With Let's Encrypt™, we provide a fully automated way to request, renew, and install your next single-name or SAN SSL certificate for free.

Email Forwarding

Forward any email from your domain to your existing inbox.

You're more than a .com

With a variety of top-level domains, we make finding the perfect fit even easier.

Each transfer includes a one-year extension. A DNSimple subscription is required to register, transfer, or renew domain names. Domain registration, transfer, and renewal fees are not included in your subscription.

We were able to roll out an experience our users love and continue to use in a very short period. This has increased our stickiness as a product and helped to reduce our customer churn.

Ryan Montgomery, CTO at ClickFunnels

Transparent Pricing

If you manage 100+ domains, get in touch.
We offer flexible plans with adjusted rates & discounts for Enterprise and Resellers.


$ 6 /month

$0.50 per additional domain after 5 domains.

Save $12 when billed yearly.

Unlimited DNS records

Unlimited DNS queries

Anycast DNS

Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates

1 user


$ 30 /month

$2.00 per additional domain after 5 domains.

Save $60 when billed yearly.

Everything on Personal

Unlimited Users

Let's Encrypt SSL Wildcard certificates

Enforce two-factor authentication on all team members

HTTPS Redirects

99% SLA


$ 300 /month

$5.00 per additional domain after 5 domains.

Save $600 when billed yearly.

Everything on Professional

Priority support: Get a response within minutes

Concierge: We transfer your domains for you

Vanity Name servers

100% SLA