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Having good support documentation is great. Connecting with a real person when you need help is even better.

I am always so impressed with @dnsimple. Sent them an email and @aeden himself answered. Why do not all CEOs field customer questions? It builds a lifetime of value!


Big yes to DNSimple. Transferred a bunch of domains to them today. *They* also contacted *me* about an issue I had the other day. Just all round great people.


Kudos to Ole. Was able to diagnose my problem with AWS CloudFront. DNSimple was working perfectly all along. Reliable service and support folks who fix my "other problem" rather than just say, "it's not us". A sincere "Thank You" to you all.


Helpful Answers, Great Features

Offered on every plan.

ALIAS records

A virtual record that provides CNAME-like behavior on apex domains.

Anycast DNS

Faster sites. Reduces latency by advertising the same IP from different locations.

Full API access

Well documented, battle-tested libraries for you to work with.

Multi-layered DDoS defense

Reduce the risk of your application being down due to DDoS attacks.

Secondary DNS

Add redundancy to your zones by having them replicate to other DNS providers.

Unlimited queries

No monthly query limits on your DNS records.

Unlimited records per zone

No limits on how many records you can have on your zones.

SSL Automation

With Let's Encrypt™, we provide a fully automated way to request, renew, and install your next single-name or SAN SSL certificate for free.

Email Forwarding

Forward any email from your domain to your existing inbox.

Automate Your DNS & Domain Management

Find the plan that fits your needs

Personal plan


For individuals

$ 6 USD

Includes your first 5 domains.
Add more for $0.50 each.

$72 $60 USD (yearly plan)

Unlimited DNS records

Unlimited DNS queries

Anycast DNS

Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates

1 user

Multi layered DDOS protection

Professional plan


For teams

$ 30 USD

Includes your first 5 domains.
Add more for $2.00 each.

$360 $300 USD (yearly plan)

Everything on Personal

Unlimited Users

Let's Encrypt SSL Wildcard certificates

Specify different roles for your team members on a per-domain basis.

HTTPS Redirects

99% SLA

Enterprise plan


For organizations

Customized to fit your requirements

Volume discounts available

Everything on Professional

Priority support: Get a response within minutes

Single Sign-on with Okta or Google

Vanity Name servers

100% SLA

Here to Help

We're proud of our support documentation and customer support. And we know you'll enjoy it too. We take great care in creating a simple, straightforward experience for managing your domains and DNS.

I have always received very informative support from @dnsimple and this time the help came from mister @sbastn. Thank you! If even a small fraction of your life is spent on DNS, domains or certificates, I highly recommend using DNSimple to ease the pain!


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I pay for DNS? It's a free service with my current registrar.

We're the best DNS provider out there, and we provide a streamlined system for managing all of your domains easily. You can also register a domain with us, or buy an SSL certificate.

Use our API to automate anything you want. Even if you don't code, you can automate the management of records with one-click services, or create your own templates.

Plus we bet your current registrar doesn't let you manage your domains from Slack. We do.

Is there a discount for yearly service?

Yes, you get 2 months free when you choose a yearly plan.

Can I switch to any plan at any time?

Yes, you can switch to any plan at any time.

You can even split your personal domains and business domains on different accounts and plans. Choose the level of service and features that you need for each account.

Do I need to register or transfer a domain to use your service?

No, you don't need to register or transfer a domain to manage your DNS with us. Add the domain to your account and update the name servers at your registrar to point to our name servers.

Can I transfer my domains out?

Absolutely. You can transfer out your domains to another registrar at any time. There are no long-term contracts.

For additional uptime and redundancy, can I use DNSimple alongside another DNS providers?

Yes, you can use DNSimple as your Secondary DNS provider or use it in conjunction with your zone's primary DNS provider. To learn more about how to set up your secondary DNS configuration, visit our Secondary DNS support articles.

What if you don't support the TLD for the domain I want to register?

We try to support as many TLDs as we can. If we don't support it, ask us. In some cases, we can quickly add a new TLD.

You can always keep domain registrations at your other registrars and manage the DNS with us.

Can I allow other users to access the domains and their DNS configuration?

With Professional and Enterprise plans, you can add as many users as you want to an account.

I have more questions.

Sure! We'll be happy to answer them. Email us at and we'll get back to you in less than 24 hours.

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