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Use Go to buy and manage domains.

Other DNS providers always seemed overcomplicated to me. Once I discovered that DNSimple had solved that problem, I moved all my domains and I haven't looked back. Over time, it has only improved. I’m a happy customer.

Paul Campbell, Co-founder at Tito

Reliable DNS is important to a web server project. DNSimple offers a good balance of advanced features and usability, which mirrors the values of the Caddy project. We're happy to be using DNSimple to resolve Caddy.

Matthew Holt, Caddy Author

Plenty of heavy lifting is done with Go

We use Go specifically where we need high performance and a low memory footprint.

Use our API to buy, connect, and operate domains.

Go is at the heart of our infrastructure

HTTPS Redirector

Provides a special DNS record called a URL. With a URL record, you can redirect a domain or subdomain to another hostname.

Zone Data Service

Connects our zone Database with our Erlang name server. Loads our entire DNS zones in memory and exposes them to the name servers for fast access. Handles zone updates and changes.

Go Remote Control

A library that's designed to execute commands on remote servers using our chatbot via Slack.

We migrated to DNSimple within a week

Ryan Montgomery, CTO at ClickFunnels

The Go Gopher was designed by Renee French and released under the Creative Commons Attributions 3.0.