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After using several DNS software options, DNSimple turned out to be the easiest to use, most cost-effective at scale and the most well-documented tool. Our API integrations at checkout and in our control panel have worked seamlessly with DNSimple without issue since deployment. We’re thrilled with its performance.

Seth Mattox, APEX Hosting

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I am always so impressed with @dnsimple. Sent them an email and @aeden himself answered. Why do not all CEOs field customer questions? It builds a lifetime of value!


Big yes to DNSimple. Transferred a bunch of domains to them today. *They* also contacted *me* about an issue I had the other day. Just all round great people.


Kudos to Ole. Was able to diagnose my problem with AWS CloudFront. DNSimple was working perfectly all along. Reliable service and support folks who fix my "other problem" rather than just say, "it's not us". A sincere "Thank You" to you all.


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